An Opportunistic FBO-Centered Growth Strategy at Hawthorne Corp.

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services pic
Hawthorne Global Aviation Services

Steven P. Levesque is a respected Charleston, South Carolina, executive who recently founded Global Aviation Infrastructure, LLC. In his leadership role, he draws on extensive experience leading Hawthorne Global Aviation Services. As reported in AviationPros in 2012, Steven P. Levesque led Hawthorne’s recent Fixed Base Operations (FBO), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Aircraft Charter and Management (ACM) growth.

Joining Hawthorne in 1995, Steve P. Levesque took on positions of increasing responsibility and helped diversify the company in its operations at various airports. He served as CFO of Piedmont Hawthorne when was an $850 million revenue company. In 2011, he was integral in launching the firm’s latest fixed-base operator (FBO) effort, in coordination with a private equity partner. FBOs provide essential services such as aircraft hangaring, ground handling, and refueling.

Hawthorne’s FBO business was opportunistic in nature, with the company seeking out second-tier growth airports, which are less expensive to build operations at than major U.S. airports and offer the opportunity to quickly ramp up services.